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Last night I finished the dishcloth. Talk about a quick, easy, & relaxing project… I think I’ll have to do a few more of these! Also finished off 2 very small Easter stitchings. And then at around midnight last night, I got out the spray paint and blacked out the design on a few spiral-bound journals. (I pulled the spiral wire apart just slightly with pliers and removed the covers first) I was planning to collage them with images from that old book I just bought, but you should have heard the ruckus that ensued at the dinner table when my daughter told my husband I was planning to “ruin” the thing! I tried to explain that I bought the book for the sole purpose of cutting it apart, but they were both absolutely appalled that I’d do that to something that was 100 years old… in the end, I agreed to compromise and make copies of the images and leave the book intact, but you better believe that the next time I bring home a book like that I won’t even tell those two sentimental shmucks about it.


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  1. Phew, I’m actually relieved to hear the book will be saved. I’m another sentimental shmuck. ;)

  2. Another sentimental schmuck here too! But practically Monique, by copying the images you can use them again and again! Can’t wait to see your project!

  3. Oh, well… count me in as a sentimental schmuck as well, Monique! lol I’m so happy to hear the book was saved! Three cheers to your dd and dh… lol I agree with Annie Beez… you’ll always have the original to copy and use whenever you like… ;-)

    Love your finishes… They are adorable! :-)

    And thanks for my fifth question, Hun! I’ll get to answering them in the next day or two… :-)

  4. I love those easter pieces. They’re great! And im also glad the book was saved – i did a degree in History – how could i not want something 100years old saved!

  5. Ok, exactly what precious book is it that you ‘saved’ from a life in the city dump? Where did you buy it? In a dusty old used book store, a garage sale? You can look on Amazon to see if it is worth anything. I bought a Zane Grey and found out that is worth about what I paid for it at the used book store and that wasn’t much. The first edition is only worth $80 but if I had one of those I wouldn’t destroy it. For the rest of the mass produced books – heck – what you are going to do with it will make it worth a lot more to the right person. And if the books are remainders or sold to make room on the library shelves – it’s because clearly NO ONE ELSE wanted them. Don’t worry about posterity, they’ll be reading e-books and admiring your artwork in the book museum.

  6. Awww, your Easter projects turned out so cute! I’m glad you reached a compromise with your family regarding the book. I can’t wait to see the projects you come up with! The bread-and-butter note you sent me was the BEST. LOL

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