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You’ll have to pardon the quality of this photo… it seems that my digital camera is dying a slow & painful death. Sigh. ‘Chelle asked if I had gotten the cherry napkin at the antique mall, and I did– along with the other 3 pieces. They were a buck a piece, so how could I not? After the brouhaha concerning the book (see previous 2 posts), I won’t mention that I plan to dice these up :)

I have been following along with the Day Z Dozen blog hop, and I’m really getting excited about this daisy fabric. I especially love Joan’s bag from a few days ago! I’ll be visiting a new quilt shop on Saturday and maybe they’ll carry LakeHouse fabrics. I’ve been really tempted to explore quilting more… I was telling my husband about some of the incredible work I had seen last weekend and he just said, “Oh boy– here we go!” which is quite funny. He knows how consumed I can become.

Speaking of consumed, I started another dish cloth last night. I’m about halfway done already; they are so fast & easy! I gave him the first one I made, and he doesn’t want to use it– says it’s too special because I made it. Which may be just a polite way for him to say he doesn’t like it. Or maybe after all these years I managed to convince him that sponges are superior.


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  1. Hi Monique,

    I’m so glad you are enjoying the hop! It has been a lot of fun – and the ideas are wonderful.

    You know, there just isn’t enough time (or room in the house) for every project I want to make.


  2. I can’t wait to see what you do with the linens. I think I’m turning my cherry napkin into a valance for the kitchen door…maybe. thanks for the link to the Day Z Dozen blog hop. How fun is that!

  3. I was just at Barnes & Noble and picked up the new CS&N – I adore your Bliss pillow! I thought I still had a subscription to the magazine, but now am not sure. As soon as I saw the issue at the store, I grabbed one – between your cute pillows and the stunning Sweetheart Tree sampler on the cover, I did not want to miss this one! I hope to start Bliss soon! Thank you :-)

  4. Very sweet looking linens and for a buck each, that’s amazing. I’m very curious to see what you’ll make with these!

  5. Great fabric stash, my favorites are the little dogs and the cherry/lemons one. Isn’t it fun to find cute fabric to have for finishing things? The crow fabric I think would look fun as the back of a pillow, with the front stitched in a similar sampler type style. Then you’d have a pillow that would be fun to display from either side.

    Good luck with the taxes, I’m trying to get mine done this weekend. Yuck, I hate tax time.

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