getting ready to get ready to quilt

Oh dear. I went a bit overboard at the quilt shop this afternoon! It’s a relatively new shop–one I hadn’t been in before, and when I walked in my jaw dropped. It was that beautiful. Here are a few of the FQs that followed me home:

I’m seriously in love with the Elsie’s Kitchen line, and I can almost see new curtains or a tablecloth or even a toaster cozy done in this fabric in my kitchen. Almost. Unfortunately our countertop is a dark green granite and it would not go well at all with the olive colors in Elsie’s Kitchen. And I think my husband wants chili peppers in there anyway.

Also found this crow panel. I have no idea what I’ll do with it, other than stuff it into one my fabric cabinets but at least now I’ll have one in an emergency:

OK. Time to seriously get to work; I have a trunk show going out on Monday, and I need to finish 3 new models. Which is the whole reason I went to the quilt shop in the first place, you know, so I’d have fabric for my model pillows :)

OH! Speaking of pillows… I’d nearly forgotten to share my exciting news! I have 2 designs in the May issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework Magazine, which I think just hit the stands in the last day or so. The designs were finished as pillows, one that says “bliss” and another that says “crafty”.

Next week I really must begin getting ready to get ready to do the taxes. (For any major project, there’s always a “getting ready to get ready” stage, followed by a “getting ready” stage, followed by a “doing” stage) After I’m ready to do the taxes, I plan to squeeze in some quilty time before I actually do the taxes. I have a large box (like, really large) that’s full of my blue & yellow fabrics… I have been “collecting” blue and/or yellow fabrics for about 6 years now, thinking I’d someday do up a blue & yellow lap quilt. I think I have enough fabric saved up to make a quilt the size of New Jersey so I’ll start with that project first.

13 thoughts on “getting ready to get ready to quilt

  1. That crow panel is lovely. Might I suggest a quilted tote bag? :) Great news on your designs being published!

  2. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my giveaway. Didn’t have a chance to comment on how much I love your inchies though I’d seen them in artfest last week. Gorgeous. I really like what you’ve done with them.
    And this fabric is wonderful. Yes, to being published and good-luck with your getting ready to get-ready.
    Wendy B.

  3. I’d definately remodel my kitchen to go with those fabrics. LOL! :) Beautiful choices, all of them.

    Good luck with the many, many things you have to do!

  4. Love the crow panel Monique! I can see all kinds of fun things with it. : )
    Awesome news on your being published in the mag!

  5. Great fabrics! I too seem to have to get ready to get ready. I am a planner! I love the idea of a blue and yellow quilt too – what a beauty that will be. Congrats on your designs in the magazine – I’ll keep an eye out!

  6. very nice fabrics. You have a good eye! The panel you bought is interesting – I hope you find a nice way to put it out & on display.

    YOu mean, you can actually SEE your counter tops?? LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing your pillows all made up — enjoy the day

  7. Monique said:
    Also found this crow panel. I have no idea what I’ll do with it, other than stuff it into one my fabric cabinets but at least now I’ll have one in an emergency:

    Yep. I have had quite a few “I NEED a crow panel!” emergencies myself. Indeed, it is a good thing you have this on hand, just in case.

    Beyond The X

  8. I love the colors that you changed in this piece. Very pretty, I plan on stitching it with Anchor threads, but I don’t have all the threads yet.

  9. Monique,

    There is scrapbook paper that matches your fabrics. I have some in my stash that I bought at Archivers. As creative as you are, I bet you could combine the two mediums into a very interesting and beautiful project.


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