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While my darling daughter has shown absolutely NO interest in stitching (and in fact often rolls her eyes when I dare mention stitching in her presence), she has become fascinated by crochet! Whenever I pull out a crochet project, she leaps to my side to watch… I better get her started on it before the excitement passes.

I decided to get one of the Epson printers so I could someday run sublimation ink through it (that’s the ink that makes an iron-on transfer for embroidery) and I am SO happy with the print quality. And it’s a little quieter than my last printer, too.

I forgot to mention in the last post (oops!) that the design is from the Gift of Stitching online magazine. I’m sorry I can’t remember which issue off the top of my head, and the trash has been gathered already so I can’t look at the chart printout page.

Have a look at some art for auction on ebay…. proceeds benefit A Place to Bark animal shelter; a great cause! According to Bernie’s blog, the auction accidentally went live a bit earlier than planned, so this is just a partial listing.

The finalists for the 2007 Softie Awards have been posted. There are some fabulous (and some not so fabulous) entries… worth a look!

And finally, thank you for taking the time to send emails and post comments!  I read each one, and respond to as many as I can… what a nice community of crafty/stitchy bloggers we are!


5 thoughts on “little bits of things

  1. Thanks Monique! I have every issue of TGOSM, so I will dig through them and find that chart :-( St. Reatham, by the way, is Long Dog Samplers’ new beauty!!

  2. Good luck getting her started on the crochet. My DD loves the different types of crafts I do, and has provided me with a very extensive list of what she would like me to make for her. However, I have yet to get her interested in learning to do any herself, and at 23 I’m beginning to wonder if she will ever find one that appeals to her enough to sit down and learn it.

  3. ROFL Monique that is exactly my dilemma. My stepdaughter doesn’t care for cross stitch at all and to think I couldn’t wait to have a daughter to pass on my stash to! LOL However, loves crocheting!

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