Blackbird Designs is the designer-of-the-month for one of my stitching groups (each month we have a designated designer SAL) and I decided to stitch “Country Garden”, mostly  because it was the only BB chart I had in my stash :)   I’m doing it over 2 on 16ct Heatherfield, thinking it might someday make a nice pillow.

We are suddenly celebrating Pioneer Days here at the old homestead. The dryer went out (or more accurately, we put it out before it could burst into flames) and so we have clothesline strung up along the beams in the basement… my arms hurt after hanging just one load of socks. A new dryer has just moved up on the priority list, but in the meantime necessities & unmentionables will have to get the clothesline treatment.


Yeah, right. In my dreams.


9 thoughts on “BB WIP

  1. The Blackbird design is looking cute, great start it will make a fun pillow. Sorry to hear about your dryer, I hope you don’t have to go to long with the clothes line method.

  2. Move to the tropics Monique, we still hang our clothes on clothes line, well after we wash then in the washing machine ;) We just don’t use dryers around here :) Don’t need em!

  3. Just think of all the stash you can buy with the savings on your electric bill (from not using the dryer)! LOL!

    Love your BD project.

  4. I’ve never owned a tumble dryer and we manage just fine ;) Of course, having wet washing hanging around the house on clothers airers in the winter is a bit of a pain, but not unmanageable.

    Lovely start to your WIP – I like the colours changes you made :)

  5. BB’s Country Garden is coming along beautifully, Monique! And what a gorgeous pillow it will make! :-)

    So sorry to hear about your dryer… :-( What a pain… Hope your time travelling days are over soon! ;-) Love that washer and dryer… keeping fingers and toes crossed for you! :-)

  6. The BBD is so adaptable. I used it for smallies in exchanges and once I receive a mailart in that design too…!

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