B and Y quilt started!


I spent the afternoon (diligently avoiding my deadlines) cutting fabric for “the blue & yellow quilt” project. Finally. I have been saving blue and yellow fabrics for a while now (ok, make that 8 years) with the plan in mind to make my daughter a quilt. I decided on a blue and yellow color scheme because I think it’s ageless… suitable for everyone from babies to old ladies. And, knowing myself the way I do, I figure it might not even get done until she’s well into her teens. Oooh– maybe a ‘going to college gift’?? But, at least it has been started.

My plan is to create 9″ blocks using one long strip (3 x 9), 2 shorter strips (3 x 6), and 2 squares (3 x 3). Example shown on the cutting board up there. I think I’ll see if DD wants to help me match up strips and squares, and safety pin the 5 pieces of each block together so they are ready for sewing. Then I can put them back into the box marked “B&Y QP” and store in the closet until next time :)


8 thoughts on “B and Y quilt started!

  1. You’re so funny Monique :) Love the colours of the fabric. Yeap I kinda like B and Y myself ;)

  2. Very pretty! These will run through the machine so quickly if you chain piece them – run one set through after the other and don’t bother to stop and cut the threads in between each one (you just leave a small gap). Its a little factory-like but goes so fast.!

  3. Monique,you sure did manage to collect some beautiful fabrics! I think it will be a treasured quilt for years to come. i look forward to watching your progress.

  4. I love your B & Y quilt idea. The fabrics you’ve chosen are beautiful and I love the layout. What a fun piece this will be!

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