Whew! The missing button was hiding under one of the sofa cushions… I’ve no idea how it got there; as far as I know I never had the button in the living room. Well, nevermind that– a person could go crazy wondering how missing items get wherever they are found. The important thing is that the button is ON the bag!

Several people have asked me what pattern I used for this bag: it’s Liberty Star’s “Foldover Bag”. This was the first time I’ve ever followed a pattern to make a bag, so I thought I better start with one that didn’t have a zipper or any fancy stuff! Come to think of it, this was only the second time in my life I’ve followed a sewing pattern of any kind.  (The first was my 9th grade Home-Ec skirt–never finished, got a D on the project)   I think next I’d like to try a Lazy Girl pattern because I’ve heard that they have good (er, easy?) instructions for zipper installation.


10 thoughts on “FOUND IT!

  1. WONDERFUL! It is indeed the perfect button.

    And if it had gotten lost under our sofa cushions … chances are good that it would still be lost. ;)

  2. My, Monique, you’ve been so busy the last couple of days! What a gorgeous bag that is. Love the button. Glad it turned up.

  3. The button is the perfect finish to your bag! So glad you found it hiding in the cushions!

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