the needlework show

Yay! The online show is back in action!   My Mark has a spot there, along with many other fabulous designers.  Grab a cup of coffee and surf for stash… just let your favorite shop owner know what you’d like and then wait by your mailbox :)    If you do not already have a favorite shop, there is a page where you can find shop owners happy to accept email orders from new customers.

The doorprizes are working differently this time, too.  Entries can be found on the pages of participating vendors, rather than just one mass entry.  I have to admit I really prefer this system.  I’d much rather mail out a chart to a winner who actually wants one of my designs rather than to someone who may or may not want one.   I set up a Yahoo email account to handle the doorprizes, and I’ll have whoever’s handy pick a number from 1-?? (based on how many emails I have at the time) and then the corresponding email will be the winner.   I think I’ll do several drawings, because this is fun! 

Tonight’s winner: Debra M. from Canada!  I asked my daughter to choose a number and she picked #25 “because it feels lucky” :) 


One thought on “the needlework show

  1. Congrats to Debra M. from Canada – lucky duck!!

    I did and did not like the new doorprize method. Yes, it is nice to zero in on the designers you really, really like, but the way the doorprize link was sort of tacked on to the end of the designer’s page made it too easy to overlook it. (At least, when you’re browsing at 1 am …).

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