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I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful local needlework shop! (actually it’s not so local because it’s quite a drive to get there, but you know what I mean) Stitches, Etc. is located on historic Main Street in Saint Charles, MO… commonly referred to as “old St. Charles” by us locals. When we lived in the St. Charles area I used to take my daughter down there about every other week just so we could meander around, but I don’t think we’ve been down there more than 10 times in the last few years. We went down yesterday to pick up my April trunk show and DD really wanted to have a walk around but it was so rainy, I promised her we’d go down there next week when it’s nicer weather. I took a few pictures (Stitches, Etc. is under the yellow porch in the top picture) but it looks unfortunately dreary so next time we go, I’ll take more to share with you. It’s a neat area, with cobblestone streets and shops housed in very old buildings; makes for a very enjoyable (and educational) day.

I’m facing a tough month here; the deadlines are just about crushing me! I’ve got about 28 more days to use to get ready for the TNNA show in Columbus in June, so I predict a much slower blogging month than usual. I can’t even show you some of the things I’m working on because they are to be revealed at the show. During the month of May, I tend to feel like a character in one of those old cliff-hanger shows:

(read this part in a deep, dramatic, announcer-guy voice for full effect)
Will she be able to paint those 20 canvases she has designed?
Will she be able to finish stitching her 3 new releases?
Will she remember to design and stitch a show exclusive?
Can she find the time to update her website?
Will she get lost in a sea of paperwork?
tune in next time….


11 thoughts on “my LNS (Local Needlework Shop)

  1. What lovely pictures, I love areas that are cobbled like that…aren’t they nostalgic?
    I bet it is a treat to go shopping for stitchy goodies there…unlike my LNS that is housed in a strip mall between a donut shop and a jazzercise lesson shop…can’t even stop in for a donut without feeling guilty when you step out and see leotard-ed beauties going to get fit! LOL!

  2. I love your pictures! It looks like a beautiful area.

    Good luck with getting everything ready in time!

  3. Don’t drown in the sea of paperwork or meet any other dramatic end, okay?!! Good luck with it all.

    That’s a lovely old city center. Looks a bit like the streets around here, though they don’t often pave with bricks (they use some sort of gray stone). Very pretty. :)

  4. Love the pics, even with the rain it looks colorful. I don’t make it over to old St. Charles very often, either.

    Whoosh, you do have a lot to do! Instead of the announcer-guy’s voice I’m hearing the song from the kids program…changed just a little bit…”and that’s why she’s called Cliffhanger!”

  5. That looks like such a wonderful area to browse and shop in, and even better to have an LHS in! Good luck with keeping up with those deadlines!!

  6. What a gorgeous area – I would love to take a walk down that street. I’m sending you good energy to get everything done!

  7. It looks like it is in a wonderful area. My LNS is a fair drive too, about 1 and a quarter hours away. Oh well, at least it is doable so I can get there every so often to admire all the new stuff, and actually see fabrics and flosses.

    Good luck on getting everything done, try not to make yourself to nuts doing in.

  8. My home state is Mo. just down the rode actually. Will try and visit St Charles when I get home in Aug. Can’t wait to actually see the sites you have shown us. Thank you

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