a few finishes



Stuffed a few pillows today! Here are the bunnies my daughter requested, and Blackbird’s “Country Garden”. Also stitched up a doily for my mom for a Mothers Day gift. (the chances are slim that she’ll see it here, so I feel safe posting it already) Got three models off to model stitchers, finished up my online show paperwork, and I’m feeling a little better about all of the stuff I need to do in a short time.


14 thoughts on “a few finishes

  1. Wow .. you have a lot of wonderful work here. Congrats on the finishing and I specially love the both pillow. Will come back again soon.

  2. The pillows turned out lovely, the bunnies are so cute. Also, your doily is so pretty and delicate, I’m sure she’s going to love it.

  3. Love your finishes, Monique! The BB pillow and the bunny pillow for your dd are gorgeous and the doily for your Mother is so beautiful! How do you ever find the time with everything that’s on your plate just now, Hun?


  4. Nice fiber choices for the Blackbird – country garden. I enjoyed stitching that one!

    Enjoy Pan’s Labyrinth. Another interesting movie is Immortal Beloved – It is about Beethovan [hope you like the music, too] and the director tells all about Beethovan by conversations between the characters.

    Some is true – some is fiction, but it was quite moving at the end. My daughter, youngest son, husband & I really liked it — our middle son said it was just too long!!

    Always, Lelia

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