art bits in the mail


Yay! Remember the inchies I made for a swap a while back? Here’s the final result– came in today’s mail. Aren’t they just fun?  Now the group is doing  fabric inchies, and ‘m bummed that I had to pass this one up.  But go have a look at Vivian’s blog, if you want to see something pretty :)

I’m slowly but surely checking off my to-do list. I ran into a couple little stumbling blocks but what else is new? I was packing some charts and ran out of bags. BAGS! How did I let that happen?! Also discovered that I had plenty of 13ct needlepoint canvas, but not enough 18ct so that’s on order,too. Plenty of time, plenty of time… perhaps if I say it enough it will come true :)


12 thoughts on “art bits in the mail

  1. Wow, love the inchies! The fabric ones will be gorgeous too.

    Good luck with the bags and the canvas, and everything else. I’ll keep my fingers and stitches crossed for you.

  2. They’re gorgeous and I’m in love with the fabric ones! I’m definitely going to have to try those myself :)

  3. These are so fun! I’ll have to go check out the fabric ones, too. Good luck with your time mantra. If it works, I’ll give it a try, too. ;)

  4. The inchies are too cute! Funny, I did the same thing, ran out of bags! : ) It’ll all come together Monique!!

  5. Oh, they are lovely, Monique! I hadn’t seen them before. Hope you find the time to accomplish everything… I’d send some your way, but I’m so far behind I’ll still be trying to catch up next month this time… I’m with Barbara… if your time mantra works, please let me know! ;-)

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