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Oh dear. It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged, which means I’m now a week closer to showtime. I’ve finished up all of the XS related things I need to do, aside from getting a trunk show ready to mail out on Monday. Next week will be dedicated to needlepoint-related things, and then the final half-week will be general preparations like figuring out what all I need to pack for display and making up order forms and stuff.

This week my daughter and I discovered a nifty place… it’s called The Foundry Art Center. The building is an old factory which has been converted to house artist studios! Here’s a pic– you can just make out an old crane thing towards the back of the photo:

The lower level has 3 large galleries (with an ongoing rotation of exhibits) and an open atrium area. They were getting ready for “A Night in Tuscany” gala, which is why there are tables all around. Upstairs, there are several individual artist studios with glass walls, so you can peek in and watch them at work. Kinda like the zoo, I guess. Here’s a picture of one of the studios:


My daughter is fascinated by pottery, and made friends with one of the potters who advised her to come back on a Tuesday morning, as that’s her typical throwing day. So guess where we will likely wind up next Tuesday??

The studios are assigned by juried entry, and the artists are required keep “regular” working hours. There are painters, potters, sculptors, photographers, and even a jewelry designer. All in all, a neat place!


5 thoughts on “a neat place

  1. This seems like a fabulous place, Monique! I would love to have a peek myself. I’m glad the preparations are going well. Good luck!

  2. I hope you’re doing okay keeping up with all the stuff you have to do for the show. And the art centre you found is too totally cool.

  3. Very cool! Hey! Today’s Tuesday would be neat to know if you ended up back there. : ) Good luck at the show!

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