old st. charles

Oy. I forgot haven’t had time to post my pics from our trip down to old St. Charles… so here’s a few. Pretty much the whole street looks like this:


Found this old door… don’t ya just love it?!

This old carriage house has been converted:


I’ve spent the last few days painting needlepoint canvases; I still haven’t managed to make up (never mind print) catalogs & handouts. I’m getting ready to update my order form so I can email it to Office Max (gotta love their print services) and then I’m calling it a night. Although I’m not nearly as stressed out about things as I was before last year’s show, I will be glad when it’s over. And although I’m probably incapable, I’m going to try to plan just a little further ahead for the 2008 show… if nothing else, I’ll be able to keep up with my blog during the month of May! I’ve gone from an average of 400 daily readers to an average of 10. Sheesh.


10 thoughts on “old st. charles

  1. St Charles looks like a pretty town. I love the bluey-green shutters in the first picture.
    Wishing you best of luck for the coming show!

  2. Okay, I want to go there the next time you go! That’s gorgeous!!!

    I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your blog through thick & thin. :)

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