almost ready. I think.

TeeHee… Looks like my advance planning has paid off! (the term “advance” used loosely here) I’m actually *almost* ready to go. This is a far cry from last year’s day-before-the-show-panic, anyway. I’m basically down to a few things; the main one being creating a nice basket for a giveaway. That must be done because there are a dozen other designers counting on me to organize the drawing. Ideas have been pouring out of me on the HPC front… why is it that I always get a rush of ideas just before a show?! Here are a few of my new canvases:


And once again, I’ll be offering an exclusive cross stitch design. Only shops attending the show will be able to order, and as long as they order during the show they can re-order throughout the year. This year’s design is “American Alphabet”:


My back is killing me (I know, gripe-gripe-gripe) because I have been on my feet all day, moving things from here to there as I sort and organize. The living room is piled high with boxes of stuff to load for the show, and my models are all tagged & packed. Getting ready for a trade show is a ton of work, but once you get past set-up day (during which they never run the air conditioner), it’s all just fun. Well, ok, it’s work… but it’s fun work!

And just in case you have no idea which show I’m even talking about, here’s a link to the exhibitors listing.


10 thoughts on “almost ready. I think.

  1. I love your Americana Alphabet – it’s fabulous! I hopey your back pain will be short-lived. And as for your rush of ideas just beofre the sow, isn’t it fascinating how the human brain works? LOL!

  2. Love the exclusive alphabet sampler! Your canvases are very nice Monique! Hope you do well at Market!

  3. Thank you so much for the link to the vendors to the show. what information we can get from them. Your sampler is teriffic who wouldn’t love THE RED WHITE AND BLUE.

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