the road to Columbus

What should have been an 8 hour drive turned into about a 13 hour drive! The trouble began with an incredibly undigestable breakfast which led to a few unscheduled stops. Further down the road, somewhere in Indiana, we hit a traffic jam of epic proportions. A truck had overturned, bringing the highway to a standstill. You know, one of those standstills where people start getting out of their vehicles and walking around talking to fellow travelers…so of course I took pictures:

It only lasted about an hour and a half, so that’s good. Not quite long enough for people to start getting out their lawn chairs and firing up their grills, but still.

We finally made it into Columbus proper, and I made sure to get a picture of that, too:
Found the hotel easily enough, and slept like a rock. A full day of doing nothing really wears me out. Bright and early on Friday we drove to the convention center and (with just minimal fuss) found the loading dock. And, once again, I took a picture:

Setup Day always is the worst. (In every way.) 9 times out of 10, the booth will not be configured properly (mine had an extra wall this year), and the air conditioner is never turned on because the dock doors stay open all day. It must have been 100 degrees in there by Friday afternoon… but sweaty, tired, and crabby aside, my dad and I managed to turn this space:

into something resembling a professional-looking display. BTW, it takes about 5 hours to set up my booth and about 1 hour for tear down, although I admit to a willy-nilly packing style for the trip home. I figure as long as the stuff makes it back into the truck, I can always sort it out later. The only thing I keep careful track of is my stack of orders… I can’t imagine what I’d do if I misplaced those! Anyway, here’s how the booth turned out:

I wish I could explain (or better yet show) the sheer size of this show… you can kinda see on the right hand side of the last pic how far back it goes, and there were a few more rows on the other side of my booth, too! The show includes vendors from all areas of needlework and it’s impossible to see the show in a day. If you’re very fast, you could possibly walk it in two… I had about 30 booths on my “must go to” list, and I was able to visit all but 1 in the 3 days.

I’ll wrap this up here, and save the rest for another day. I spent this evening getting unpacked and somewhat situated back here at home (I always feel the need to “nest” or something after a trip– do you do that, too?) and my orders are in stacks waiting to be filled– top priority beginning tomorrow morning! But wait until you see some of the goodies I brought home….

11 thoughts on “the road to Columbus

  1. Thanks for giving us a litle insight on what goes on in a needlework show. I’ve never been to one!

    Your booth looks real nice!

  2. Your booth looked great! (sounds like an awful drive to get there though, I’m glad I wasn’t in the backseat!)
    I hope you had a profitable show!

  3. How I would LOVE to be present at one of these!!!!
    Your booth looked SUPER :)
    Hope you did lots of business.

  4. Booth turned out great Monique! Makes me miss trade shows! : ) Hope you did awesome!
    Sorry the trip there was miserable.

  5. Welcome home, Monique! Wow, what an adventure. ;) Your booth turned out great – you and your dad are awesome displayers!

  6. Yep, sounds like a typical “Road to the show”! LOL Your display looks wonderful! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I am sure they were all mystified by your gorgeous NPCs!

    Perhaps next year I won’t have any offspring graduating the weekend of the show…

  7. You had a great booth location on the end! Hope it went well for you; my tradeshow days are eons ago and I can still feel tired feet just thinking about setting up, etc. That I heart my cat is a cute design!

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