show goodies post #1

Yay– I was able to con my friend Michelle out of one of her tote bags! Her designs are among my favorite for “fun” stitching, and I think I’ve stitched more of Brittercup Designs than any other (besides My Mark, I mean)… also got a Lexie Barnes zipper pouch in the latest style. Michelle dragged me over to the Lexie Barnes booth to see the new bags (well, ok so I wasn’t exactly kicking & screaming) and Lexie was kind enough to give us the zipper pouches!

Also in the picture: a cute nail file from a place that will do custom logos on the backside… thought it might be something to keep in mind for a giveaway. (I also had a nail file with kittens pictured, but my daughter claimed that one for herself). I tried the new Takumi Velvet knitting needles, and they followed me home, too! Talk about a smooth experience… I was already sold on bamboo needles, but these take the cake :)

Jen from Funk & Weber designs will be having a contest in conjunction with a charity bookmark drive, too. Sounds like a neat plan… I think it doesn’t start until August, maybe, (the paper is already put away and I’m too lazy to dig right now) but I’m sure she’ll have more info on her website soon!

I put my badge in the picture, too… I don’t know if you can tell, but there’s a black star pin on the right hand side of the string. Every year, there are pins to collect from certain vendors as well as from TNNA. The star is from Just Another Button Company, and Shepherd’s Bush was giving out a sheep pin but I didn’t get one of those. Anyway, seasoned attendees really get quite a collection of pins on their nametags! I forgot to pack last year’s pins, and so we looked like newbies all over again.

Here are the 2 things I was able to start (and finish) while riding in the truck. I changed the color of the Britty Kitty to match my own cat, and I left off the LHN border because I think I’ll probably make it into a zipper pouch. Just as soon as I can find the time…


7 thoughts on “show goodies post #1

  1. Nice bunch of stash and lovely stitching. I’ve been thinking of sewing a zipper pouch myself! :)

  2. I just LOVE that zippered pouch!!

    Lots of fun stuff, and good for you, getting so much stitching done!!

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