show goodies #2

Gentle Art has come up with some really neat wool thread! It’s not stranded, so you use one-ply; here is the first set of colors… more are in the works, I hear. (I’m looking forward to playing with these!) Also pictured above is the new color set of Sampler Threads.

Jenny Hart was at the show, with her fabulous Sublime Stitching wares on display. If you don’t know about Jenny yet, go have a look at her website. It’s embroidery that’s really cool… and speaking of cool, Dutch Treat was my neighbor at the show, and I really enjoyed getting to know Claudia and her husband better. I have been drooling over Claudia’s victorian mottos since their recent release (specifically the one in the photo) and so of course one of those charts followed me home from the show, too.

And just look at this wonderful selection of needlework accessories from Kelmscott Designs… Paula makes lovely things for minding needles, snipping threads, and holding skeins!

I’m staying busy printing, packing, and shipping my orders… Summer Market takes over my life for about 6-8 weeks and I love every minute of it :)


6 thoughts on “show goodies #2

  1. I love the look of those GAST wool threads – I’d be interested to know how they stitch up.

    Looks like you got some great goodies there!

  2. Talk about making a post that makes a person start drooling as soon as it opens, wonderful pictures and stash.

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