Weeks Dye Works

I’m probably one of the last designers on earth to use Weeks Dye Works floss, but I was able to speak with Miranda at the show and I now have full sets of both floss and wool felt.  She also showed me something new she’s been working on, which is a 3-strand hand dyed floss, packaged as balls rather then skeins.  (you know, like the way some of the DMC perle is packaged?) How neat is that for punchneedling?!  You don’t have to seperate OR reload your needle often!

Speaking of punchneedle, I finally got the hang of it!  I had tried a few times before and failed miserably– patience is not one of my virtues, so I figured I’d just cross that technique off my list of needlework things I wanted to do.  However, one of the CTR ladies spent some time with me on my technique so I expect I’ll be playing with punchneedle sometime in the near future.

I’m midway through painting & filling my canvas orders; almost all of the cross stitch orders have been shipped out.   The last 2 are packed and waiting for the post office to open on Monday :)


8 thoughts on “Weeks Dye Works

  1. Hey, good for you, figuring out punchneedle! I love some of the designs, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it … yet! LOL!

  2. More lovely new stuff for us to drool over. I love the idea of the floss coming in a ball, it will make punch needle much easier not to have to reload the needle all the time.

  3. Oooh yum! Just wonderful seeing all the floss together. My LSN only keeps a small selection of WDW and GA so its wonderful to see it all together like that!

  4. Haven’t tried punchneedle yet but those are great clours you had shown. Thanks so much for dropping by at my blog. I really appreciate it.

  5. What gorgeous colors. I would like to try my hand at punchneedle again. I took a class on it years ago, but I’m not sure I would remember what I’m doing!

  6. My pet peeve is that the overdye are cut & you cannot make cording & tassels easily. That is one reason I don’t purchase needle necessity stuff — and try to avoid the GAST, too.

    Speaking of overdye, when are they going to work on the colorfast issue? It is quite annoying to stitch a project & have the dye run when you are trying to iron it, etc.

    But hey, that is just me.

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