Carla Sonheim meets My Mark

As promised, here are the cover shots for two more My Mark designs; these feature artwork by Carla Sonheim. Carla is an artist who lives in Colorado and paints fictional portraits inspired by the fleeting innocence of girlhood…and I find them to be extremely charming!  In addition to her gallery work, art show exhibitions, and teaching gigs, she maintains an Etsy shop for easy purchasing of her prints, fabric patches, journals, art cards, etc. AND she does custom portraits, too! Right now, she’s in India, on a teaching  junket, but I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas travel back with her.

I’m waffling about which of her paintings to convert next. (I like so many of them and I’m anxious to do them all!) I’ve heard a number of cries along the lines of “do the mermaid!!”… what do you think? Have a look at her shop and let me know if there are any particular paintings you’d like to see converted into cross stitch charts, would you?


11 thoughts on “Carla Sonheim meets My Mark

  1. Oh these are adorable! I looked at her prints and my vote would go to either Girl with Multiple Cats or Dark Multiple Cats. ;)

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