HP party, maybe?


My local bookshop is having a HP7 party, beginning at 10:37 pm on July 20th… and I’m seriously considering attending. It’s such a fun & goofy thing to do, and I don’t do enough fun, goofy things. And besides, this will be my last chance to go to one, right? I’ve been re-reading the series to get up to speed on Hogwarts happenings, and I’ve just started #5. I love it when Harry is watching the news, and Uncle Vernon exclaims, “Watching the news again?!” and Harry replies, “Well, it changes every day”…

Todays’ news around here: my teeth are just fine. I actually chickened out about the extraction at the last minute and went for the fillings instead. (not sure what was wrong with me, but I was feeling extra panicky!) I told them I wasn’t going to go through with it after all and then when he was finished with DH, the dentist came out and said, “well how about doing the two fillings instead?”. I thought for a minute and said, “how about 1? I can go for 1 filling” (bargaining with the dentist here) and as it turned out, the two were right next to each other so I just got both done. Enough about teeth.

In stitching news: I finished a mystery block for one of my stitching groups… which I can’t show you in case one of the members reads my blog. (we are having a contest to guess who stitched each block) Also started work on my part of a RR, which I can’t show you either… we are keeping them secret until November!


5 thoughts on “HP party, maybe?

  1. Go! Go to the HP7 party! Take me! :) I’ve been reading them to our 9 year old son and we are on volume 5 now. I may have to skip ahead and read volume 6 in ‘my own time’ to be ready when 7 comes out next month. I can’t wait!

  2. Glad that your dentist appointment went well. The HP party sounds like fun, I’d vote for going. With this being the last book, you won’t get another chance. Looking forward to seeing your mystery piece when you can post a picture.

  3. Sorry about your dental work. I had some done in May & it is always a relief when it is over with.

    As for HP … you sound like my children, they all want to go at midnight. I read a couple of the books, not all of them. Enjoy the series. I’m sure the last book will not disappoint.

  4. HP party, that sounds great. I’ve read all the series and my daughter Grace too, i was a bit amazed as she’s too young when she started it and now we are patiently waiting for the 7th book.
    Glad to hear it went well with the dental appointment.
    Mystery block, that’s a great idea. looking forward to see the pictures.

  5. I’ve been re-reading the HP books too, and am about halfway through book 6. I love some of the little quips throughout the books like when Tonks says “ready? Both buttocks on?” LOL!

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