the wip and the chip


Finally getting back around to working on Midnight Stitching’s “A Quaker Floral”. I decided to do this on on 32 ct. Jobelan, with Carrie’s Threads in “Olives”… I love the way the olive thread looks against this tan fabric.


And speaking of olive, this is the color our master bedroom will become soon. It looks a bit icky here in this post, but next to our bedroom furniture it looks very nice. The main hold-up about painting our bedroom has been that our furniture is all a rather orange-y cherry wood. I have tried a variety of “normal” bedroom colors, and they all looked just a bit weird in there.


8 thoughts on “the wip and the chip

  1. No it doesn’t look icky at all – I LOVE it!! What a gorgeous, restful, and very sophisticated color. I wish the rooms here were large/light enough to get creative with colors. Everything is so small and boxy that you’ve just GOT to stick with very pale hues.

    Your WIP is gorgeous, too. I will buy this color next time I pick up a few of Carrie’s Threads. ;)

  2. Quaker Floral is looking great, this style is so much fun. I haven’t done one yet, but I have a couple I’m considering.

  3. That’s a good progress on your quaker.

    I agree with Barbara about the rooms here…
    having seen a couple of houses in the U.S before.

  4. Monique looking at Quaker Floral I’d say that is a perfect fit for your beautiful new bedroom color! : ) Paint on the walls and something new to frame for it too! Love the colors for choose for that Quaker!

  5. I love the colors you chose for your Quaker Floral. What color is the Lugana? I’m getting ready to order this chart and I might “borrow” your color combination if you don’t mind.

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