heading to “Bleeker Street”


The painting part is done! Of course now I want new bedding… Found this new line of fabric from Marcus Brothers and I love it. Maybe time to get out the sewing machine?


Edited: Just found this complimentary quilt pattern using Bleeker Street fabrics on the Marcus Brothers website!


8 thoughts on “heading to “Bleeker Street”

  1. Pretty color Monique! Love the fabric you found. Quaker Floral would love lovely in your new bedroom! : )

  2. Gorgeous! I totally agree that you need new bedding. Can’t wait to see updated pictures with your new bedding! (Have I convinced you yet?)

    : )

  3. The fabric is gorgeous! Love it!

    Of course, you are much too ambitious for me these days! LOL I’m just ttying to get enough energy to sit at the art table this morning…

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