meet Wanetta (the second)


“Mom, is Wanetta supposed to be floating on her side like that?” (Oh dear, I thought… at least let me get some coffee in before the tearful death scene.) But my daughter was a trooper, taking it all in stride. She even wanted to do the scooping out of the little body by herself. As I was washing out the bowl, she got pretty quiet and I could tell she was deep in thought, and then she said, “You know what? I think next time I’ll get a dollar fish.”

So here’s a picture of the new fish, which my daughter named Wanetta The Second. (this serial naming system reminds me of my ex-grandmother-in-law, who had owned a string of nasty little chihuahuas, all named Timmy– she was on Timmy the 11th when I last saw her) Wanetta is a fantail goldfish, such a pretty little thing…. hope she lasts more than 4 days. At this rate, we will be on Wanetta the Twenty Fourth by year’s end.


12 thoughts on “meet Wanetta (the second)

  1. Reminds me of the Simpsons (Snowball II-IV).

    My sister’s secret for keeping her goldfish alive (4 years!) was not to change the water until we almost couldn’t see the fish! My mom would yell at her to change the water. Who knows?

  2. Well may the force be with you…we had a struggle with getting a goldfish to stay alive for a time too…good luck!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. I know, I shouldn’t laugh but love your post subject. Hope this one makes it :)

  4. I had Fish One, Fish Two … Not sure how high I got with the numerical system. Our kids have had a few gold fish, too, but for now we’re fishless.

    Good luck with Wannetta the Second – long may she swim!!

  5. Best wishes for Wanetta the Second! LOL When I was growing up we had a series of beagles named Ringo. No numbering system. They were all just Ringo.

  6. Oops! You know, I always killed the fish when we had a tank. They are so hard to keep alive. I do better with the guinea pigs.

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