a mini-break


We had a pretty rainbow out back a few days ago!  It was actually a double rainbow, but the second was so faint it didn’t show up in the picture.

I’ve become obsessed with another little DIY project, and have been dividing my time between the basement and the hardware store–with a fair amount of napping thrown in for good measure.  I think a few more days of this “working vacation” should do it.


7 thoughts on “a mini-break

  1. Hi GF: I KEEP FORGETTING TO ASK YOU THIS QUESTION …. are you going to use DMC flower threads for your Stag’s Leap? I don’t have all the skeins — I’m missing a couple colours. Would you happen to have a source?

    Also, my middle son, Nicholas LOVES fish. We broke down and purchased an aquarium for him a couple years ago. The fish live longer LOL. FYI–The pet stores sell “feeders” inexpensive goldfish that seem to live a long time. With the green stuff added to the tank, the fish seem happy enough. Good luck with your goldfish.

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