pictured: MM013 “never for granted”

I forgot my anniversary! DH left a card on the kitchen counter for me this morning, and I wondered why until I read it. During our morning phone call I admitted that I forgot today was our anniversary, but this afternoon I ran up to the store and picked up some festive cupcakes for dessert tonight. I’m thinking I better highlight July 2nd on the calendar next year.

I’m making great progress in the basement. What started with a simple painting of the master bedroom project has turned into a giant re-do the whole house project. After the bedroom turned out so well, I thought it might be nice to make an art studio space in the basement (for the messy stuff like painting) and began moving some junk around down there. Well, of course, one thing has led to another and suddenly I’ve found myself working on the mother of all organizational projects.

At least it’s not hot down there.


6 thoughts on “EGADS!

  1. *You’re* not supposed to be the one who can’t remember an anniversary! :) Happy one from a sister July bride.

  2. Oops!! That’s an unexpected turn of events – but your DH took it in good stride?

  3. Oh dear, you may be the first woman I’ve heard of to forget her wedding anniversary :). How many years have you been married? Actually it probably happens all the time, as long as DH wasn’t upset it doesn’t matter. Love the design you posted ;)

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