My computer has been acting funny… screen popping off and then right back on, hard drive disappearing from the desktop, non-clickable icons…. making me very nervous!  To top it off, I can’t unload my tractor parade pics because hooking up my camera makes the computer freeze.  Grrrrr.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to try using the tool tech cd to diagnose the problem.  (so if I’m gone for a bit from the internet, you’ll know that didn’t go too well) Here’s hoping I can manage to save my chart cover files!

I’ve decided to join the Fair and Square exchange group, too.  This is being led by Vonna and Annemarie, and looks like a fun thing :)  Participants will be assigned a partner, and given 6 weeks to complete and mail 2 unfinished squares to each other.   Round 2 will be starting in a few weeks… here are “the rules” if you’d like more info.


4 thoughts on “weirdness

  1. Glad you joined…it’s going well and lots of beautiful things have been both sent and received! :)
    Glad to have you!

  2. I hope your PC problems are short-lived! And that you enjoy the Fair and Square exchange!

  3. Glad you joined the exchange – we have oodle sof participants now which is great! I was in Round One and eager for Round Two.

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