it was there all the time, waiting for me to see it


A few weeks ago I discovered this wall in my basement. I say discovered because although I knew it was there, and I saw it every day on my way to the laundry, I never really noticed it before! You know how you can look at something all the time but never really see it? One morning as I was getting towels out of the dryer, I looked over and there it was: not just a wall with junk stacked by it, but a wall full of shelves and lighting; with a built-in easel and rows of paint; little containers full of beads and buttons and glitter; a fantastic jar of freshly sharpened pencils… so I built this:


There are 3 lights, which will connect to a power strip mounted near the desk (handy for plugging in the heat gun, too) and the easel on the wall is 4 feet wide by 2 feet tall; I still need to mount the bottom tray. The shelves are a wee bit crooked in places, which doesn’t exactly match my vision but certainly suits my personality. I will have a storage unit between the pole and the desk to house my canvases, drawing pads, and sketchbooks, too. It was my original intention to paint the wall and shelves white, but I was getting impatient for this project to be finished. And anyway, if I paint them I’ll feel the need to be more careful and isn’t it a lot more fun to be able to dribble paint and pastel dust without worrying what it’s landing on?

I started loading my art supplies last night and it just felt right… I’m sure this space will be a wonderful tool to get me back into a creative routine like the one I enjoyed in college. (“Studio D” in the Fine Arts Building was a second home to me for quite some time… maybe this space should become my “Studio 20”?) BTW, I apologize for the picture quality but for some reason my computer and camera have decided they are no longer friends. Until I can figure out how to get them to work together without killing each other, this will have to do.

13 thoughts on “it was there all the time, waiting for me to see it

  1. How exciting Monique! Every artist needs a place to call home, where no one minds the spills and thrills! Can’t wait to see what you create-some hand painted needlepoint canvasses in your future? Eh?

  2. I’m laughing at your crooked shelves that don’t match your vision but do match your personality. My inability to get anything quite straight is a huge joke to my better half. To think, I once wanted to be a carpenter – can you just imagine the crazy constructions I’d have come up with?

    But your craft/art space is really brilliant. It makes me wish we had a basement. I can’t wait to see a picture of it with all your art stuff loaded up on shelves. :)

  3. I think your pictures look fine. Your new wall will be such fun, and should be an inspiration as well.

  4. How cool to have such a great space to tinker with and those shelves are great and will surely come in handy. Go, you weekend warrior, you :)

  5. Hey! I have that same pile of laundry on my basement floor!! Great workspace!! I hope you will show us a picture with all you ‘tools’ on the wall.


  6. How wonderful! What a fabulous space for your art supplies. I so miss having a place for my paints and pastels and canvases.

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