stash & wip roundup


So in the last week I’ve won a contest (BINGO on The Sampler Life), taken a little road trip to a store closing, and visited my favorite LNS. I now have this mini-bounty of stash and I’m dying to start something new… but I thought I better do a WIP check first! What’s funny about the stash is that I’m neither a PS fan, nor a Santa stitcher, yet somehow I purchased 2 new Santa charts– one of which is by The Prairie Schooler. Go figure.


As far as the WIPs go, aside from the usual My Mark designs in progress, I have:

  1. Hillcroft House name shield, “William”
  2. Papillion Designs, “Eightsome Reel
  3. Barrick Samplers, “Honor My Parents
  4. a random Christmas elf girl–she’s next in line for the trash heap!
  5. LK’s “Song” (from the Christmas Blessings series)
  6. Val’s Stuff, “Friends
  7. Val’s Stuff, “Dreams Come True
  8. Glory Bee, “I Only Stitch” (or something like that)
  9. Midnight Stitching, “A Quaker Floral
  10. Shepherd’s Bush, “Be Calm”
  11. a ruler design I’m freehanding (no chart) as I go

Ooops! I just noticed I forgot to include my Souvenir Sampler and the Game Board, both by The Drawn Thread. I’m in a SAL for the Game Board so I better get a move on…. but first I’m going to start something new :)


15 thoughts on “stash & wip roundup

  1. Oh, don’t toss your little elf girl – she’s cute! And I love the ruler design you’re freehanding – gorgeous!! (Everything is very nice, but that one really jumped out!)

  2. All I can say is I’m agog…everything is gorgeous! But not a PS fan?! I thought everyone was a PS fan! LOL!

  3. Monique, Monique,Monique! The trash heap? Surely you jest! What is the design in the stash picture called Garden Sampler?


  4. Val loves elves so I bet she’d adopt your UFO & finish her (if you still have the chart). Just a thought. Much better than the trash. :)

  5. Wonderful new stash, and your WIP’s are pretty too. My favorite is Friends, the cat on the pink fabric is just to cute.

  6. Okay. I want your stash. It all just looks too yummy. As do your WIPs. What is the lovely flowery sampler in the bottom left corner? It’s gorgeous! And the colour is beautiful too.

  7. Enjoy your stash!

    It always amazes me how some stitchers (like you) can hav so many projects on the go. I’ve tried it, and it seems my limit is 2 or 3, plus one of my designs. Anything more than that, and I get confused as to what is in where!

    Your WIPs look great!

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