a freezer full


Rats, mice, and little fishys… that’s what’s on ice in the St. Louis Children’s Zoo kitchen! My daughter and I recently had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the zoo to discover what the animals eat and learn how the zookeepers prepare meals. Laura (one of the zookeepers) took us on a tour of the children’s zoo and showed us all the hidden goodies. We even got to read the recipe book for feeding the animals, which completely cracked me up because the recipes would include things like “14 fruit flies”.

BTW, the rodents are fed to animals in their frozen state because live rodents will nibble on whatever’s about to eat them, and could cause damage! Something else I learned: all zoo animals throughout the world are coded with a special number (similar to a book ISBN) and tracked on a computer system for ease in lending. Pretty neat evening (we were there after hours) all in all. I just found out, too, that our zoo has educational programs for homeschoolers, so we will be taking advantage of some of those in the fall.


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  1. Okay, that is fascinating. I can just imagine my kids’ eyes as big as saucers at an experience like that one. How cool for your daughter! But the fruit-fly cookbook, I can live without!

  2. Sounds like a really interesting and fun visit, as well as a wonderful option for further behind the scenes visits later.

  3. I am a volontueer tour guide in our zoo too, which is Artis in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I know kids love the ‘behind the scene’s tour’, they enjoy themselves in “my” zoo too. But the adults enjoy it just as much. :D Have fun with your future visits, and do go as often as you can. You would really like it. :D

  4. Well Monique have finally found a “cookbook” I can pass on! LOL What a neat visit for you and your daughter!

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