I just keep starting them…


Yay! This is the design that Tanya sent me for being one of the first to stitch her super cute Hedwig Square… I love it! (Miranda Mermaid by The Sampler Girl) Thank you , Tanya!


And here’s the cover pic of the kit I started today; it’s “Free To Be Me” by Val’s Stuff. My Daughter has choir camp every morning this week, so I should be able to make a decent dent in the project while I’m waiting for her.

I spent all day Saturday and into Sunday morning reading Harry Potter… I enjoyed it immensely, and cried buckets when it ended. The release party Friday night was quite fun, and I had my book in hand at 12:12! I had just enough to time to go straight home and read a chapter and a half before I crashed.

Last call for joining the Fair Squares exchange, btw.


11 thoughts on “I just keep starting them…

  1. I really love that design by Tanya. Can’t wait to see you stitch it up! :D The kit you’re working on is also great. :D

    Niek and I have both finished HP. We wanted to read it slowly, but it was impossible!

  2. I love that design by Tanya! Lucky you! I like the new WIP too.
    I have HP here waiting to be started, im trying to savour it for as long as possible ;)

  3. Both looks lovely.
    With the Harry Potter book, i want to wait till they have it in Dutch as i had read almost all of them in Dutch except the fifth i think and i was a bit lost as there are terms/names that were written differentlt. It’s so busy here anyway so can’t have time for it. My daughter is really looking forward to it too.

  4. Cute projects. Glad you had fun at the release party. I haven’t had a chance to read my copy of HP yet, hopefully this weekend.

  5. Love Tanya’s Mermaid design. That will be a fun stitch. And the Patriotic from Val’s is wonderful. I’ve not seen that one before. Looks like I’ve been enabled. I haven’t had a chance to read the HP yet, but have decided I must soon.

  6. Hi, Monique!
    I love the Mermaid!! And, I’m reading “Harry..” Hope I’m not crying my eyes out at the end, too!
    So happy we are new Fair&Square partners!
    Deb in FL

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