meet Wanetta the Third…


Just kidding! This one is actually named Berry. He’s a boy (we know this because his container said so) and he’s lovely. He’s a bit hammy for the camera, too. This picture shows Berry in his relaxed state, but when he gets all riled up his fins are so incredible! They fan out from his entire body in this gorgeous burst of colors ranging from pale peach to sunset orange-red. Oh– during Berry’s photo session this evening, I accidentally figured out that my digital camera has F-Stop controls… how is it that I’ve had the thing for almost 4 years and never knew that?

We found Poor Wanetta the Second belly up yesterday morning, and after a flush into fishy heaven we decided it might be time to begin killing off taking care of another type of fish. Those goldfish just weren’t lasting well for us. After a bit of research we settled on Bettas, due to their supposedly hardy nature and the fact that they are happy to live alone in a fishbowl. BTW, you might think Berry should be spelled Barry, but on the way home from the fish mart we were listening to Christmas carols (Christmas in July, you know) and DD felt it was important to spell the name the same as a holly berry :)


9 thoughts on “meet Wanetta the Third…

  1. I have to tell you that 4 years ago we got 6 betta fish (all kept in seperate tanks, of course) and the last one just died a month ago. They all lived for over 3 years and they weren’t much upkeep ;)

  2. What a pretty fish! Have you checked if you have to treat the water? I accidently killed a whole tank when they changed our water here. My husband forgot to tell me that little nifty information from MUD.

  3. Poor Wanetta! Berry is really very pretty-I hope he will do well. Christmas in July is just fine. My children have been working on Christmas lists since May! Seriously!

  4. Sorry to hear about Wanetta. Berry looks beautiful, Beta’s do have gorgeous coloring. My DD had two Beta’s for quite a while, they seemed to be quite hardy little fish, so hopefully you’ll have good luck.

  5. You can always tell the boy bettas from the girls…the guys have the l-o-o-n-g fins and tails, the girls don’t…which seems sorta the opposite to me! You’d think the girl should be prettier than the boy! I had a betta once, he was the prettiest purple, tourqios, blue! Hvae fun with Berry!

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