thursday’s post


How cute is this frog design?! This is a little zippered pouch that I picked up at Barnes & Noble… not that I need another zipper pouch, but I couldn’t resist :) I almost bought the notebook that goes with it too.


I am about 40% through the Val’s Stuff “Free to be Me” design. I was hoping to finish it this week, but with just 1 more day of choir camp left, I don’t think I’ll make it. It sure has been nice, though, to spend each morning stitching in the back of the church and listening to the kids practice. And I have been seriously groovin’ on these VBS tunes, too… they’re doing “Game Day Central” and the songs are quite peppy. I admit to doing more toe-tapping than stitching!

I’ve received my partner for the Fair & Square exchange, too… Deb is planning to make a quilt with her squares (great idea!) and I’m waiting to see if she’ll post a picture of her fabric before I even begin to think about what I might stitch for her.


8 thoughts on “thursday’s post

  1. Oh those froggies are darling!!! How fun ~ nice to see someone else gets excited over simple, fun things like that. I’m a child at heart.

  2. Nice progress on the heart, it looks great. The frogs are just to cute, I can see how you couldn’t pass picking it up.

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