be calm


Finally finished Shepherd’s Bush “Be Calm”… I changed it a bit (of course) and I still need to put a little charm in the berry circle but I just wanted to get it scanned and posted. Anyone want my used chart? Leave me a comment telling me so if you do. I’ll wait until Tuesday, and if there’s more than one person who’s interested I’ll do a drawing Tuesday evening.


I got 2 more patriotic charts in yesterday’s mail! And I still haven’t made anymore progress on that Val’s Stuff heart I started last week. I wish I had a Time-Turner…


19 thoughts on “be calm

  1. What a nice finish! I may have to dig mine out and start it. I really like the new patriotic charts that you’ve added to your stash. You will be getting that patriotic wall filled soon.

  2. I think it turned out great…sorry it gave you so much trouble. I would love to have the pattern if no one else wants it…could use a little calm in my life right now!

  3. I want a time turner, too! :D

    Love your new charts – especially the one in the background. Is that BoaF?

    And please, put me in for the drawing of the SB “Be Calm” chart. It looks like a very fun project!

  4. That’s a lovely finish and i love your new stash especially the Bless the USA. Would like to join with the draw, thanks.

  5. Monique that turned out beautiful. Love the added little touches to make it your own!

  6. Love your SB Be Calm! The colors are so pretty! Please enter me in the drawing for your chart. thanks,Jeanie

  7. Oh I could sure use a Time Turner too! Love the finish, and I’d love to have the chart too, please add me to the drawing! I love the colors you used!

  8. Monique!!!
    Please add me to your drawing :) That looks like a fun piece and I sure need calming with the upcoming move. Oy vey!

  9. enter me too! What a fun idea. I will have to do that on my site too. I cannot wait to see your patriotic wall!


  10. I love the stitched SB be calm. It just looks so different, it reminds me of Quaker design for sure. Could you include my name in the drawing too.

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