bad news, good news, repeat


The bad news: I just looked at my calendar (something I apparantly need to do more often) and discovered that sometime in the next 15 days I have to prepare a trunk show for the EGA national seminar; design, stitch, & finish something for a magazine deadline; work on a literacy project chart, and update my website. I’m thinking my August releases are going to become more September-ish.

The good news: my MIL is coming for a visit!  I’m hoping to clear the decks so I can relax and enjoy her company. (or maybe I could just put her to work?) She lives in Albuquerque and I love her dearly… she hasn’t seen our house yet because we usually go out there to see her; I’d be happy if there weren’t “to do” piles strewn about. Tidiness makes a better first impression, I think.

The bad news: Berry the betta developed a fungus and did not survive. The fish mart people assured me it happens all the time, and that it wasn’t anything we did (or didn’t do) but all the same it was terribly sad… Berry really had a lot of personality for a fish. I feel like I’m a wicked fish-killer and if the responses to my postings about the recent deaths of Wanettas 1 & 2 are any indication, some of you will think I’m a wicked fish-killer, too. If you could refrain from e-mailing me to tell me so, I’d appreciate it. I cried buckets over this stupid fish.

The good news: Michelle of the Cozy Egg was the winner of tonight’s drawing for my slightly used “be calm” chart. You ought to pop over there to check out the needleminders she has been making… and Michelle, please email me your address and I’ll send it right out.  Thanks to all for playing :)


8 thoughts on “bad news, good news, repeat

  1. Oh good heavens, people have given you a hard time over the fish?! Good grief!!

    I hope you get all your many to-do’s done … sounds like an impressive list. It must be great to look forward to your MIL’s visit (if rather hard for me to imagine – lol!). I hope you’ll have a lovely visit together, and don’t worry too much about your to-do piles. It’s YOU she’s coming to see! :D

  2. So sorry to hear about the fish. I just love Betas, they are so pretty. I’ve had a few of them in my time. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you in the next few weeks – good luck, I’ll be sending you helpful thoughts! Thanks again for the chart and for the sweet compliment on the needleminders!

  3. awwwww, that suxs about Berry :( he was a lovely fish! I sure hope you don’t give up on fish .. they are really fun!

    Hope you get everything done .. that is quite a list! Don’t forget to breath *smile*

  4. Poor Berry, and your are NOT a wicked fishkiller. Sometimes these things just happen. Sounds like you will be very busy for the next couple of weeks-I hope you get everything done!

  5. Wow, you will be busy! Poor Berry, but I found that the guinea pigs that we have now are much easier to care for then the fish tank we had for 3 years time. Fish are a lot more sensitive then you think.

  6. hang in there about the fish. My 17yo son had multiple fish ‘issues’ before finally getting the right mix in his tank.

    the store can test your water for you & let you know if you need to use part distilled, or part bottled waters — or if you need to add some water plants to the bowl/tank.

    For my son, it was worthwhile. His aquarium works fine with the correct water level, filter, green plants, and correct number of fish.

    As for the rest … you’ll meet your deadlines — you are just the sort of person that does!!!

    Lovely bookmark, too. Very clever!!!

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