a little linky-loo

Have you seen the new Little House Needleworks “whimsical” design?! This is the one that may just convert me from a LHN collector to a LHN stitcher. Oh boy :)

Just found out that Needlework Retailer has a photo gallery of our favorite shops, working pets, and finshes… also has pictures from the Nashville & Columbus trade shows!

Wondering what living with Lupus is like? Here’s a kinda neat explanation: The Spoon Theory.

Check out The World’s Largest Collection of Smalls to see a dazzling array of stitching bits… fobs, needlerolls, pinkeeps, etc. Almost makes me want to get busy doing some finishing with a capital F. Almost :)

While surfing for scrap quilt inspiration I discovered this tutorial for a pretty one made with strips. Looks pretty easy; I may have to give this a try.

7 thoughts on “a little linky-loo

  1. Aha. That does make me stop and think. And maybe get the inkling of an idea. Thanks for the illustration.

    And the LHN whimsy charts – now that’s cool! :)

  2. I love that new LHN design! I’ve never been too tempted to buy their designs up until now (apart from a couple), but I think this one is a must-have!

  3. Ohhhh I love that LHN design! I’m a LHN “collector” too. I have so many of their charts, but am ashamed to say that I have stitched very few of them

  4. That’s such a cute design!! Good luck with everything you have to get done. I’m definitely becoming an LHN collector.

  5. I love Happy Things blog and LOVE that she shares her cooking and craft tips, recipes and instructions. Now if I could just make a similar quilt myself. I bought a new machine and have only used it to make cat nip mice! Maybe come fall when its cooler I’ll feel more like making something? I hope so!

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