a mermaid and a mother-in-law


This design is adorable, and will likely wind up in my next stashing batch. I have been admiring the stitching mermaid ever since I saw Sue’s promo for her Stitch Ahoy cruise. I  thought about signing up just so I could get the chart but I really have no desire to be ocean-bound. (thinking of Gilligan’s Island, Titanic, Poseidon, Speed 2…)

I was able to spend the afternoon stitching, and I’m almost done with my second bookmark for the literacy campaign– yay! My MIL has arrived from NM to visit with us for a bit and I’m looking forward to spending the time with her. My daughter completely monopolized her time tonight, but I’m sure we’ll be able to chat more as the week goes on. I’m doing pretty well on my deadline schedule; just gotta pack up and send out a trunk show, finish designing (and then stitch!) my next holiday blackwork, run some models over to my LNS, and get an ad ready for the NWR. Hmmm… looks worse typed out like that. Maybe I’m not as far ahead as I thought.



9 thoughts on “a mermaid and a mother-in-law

  1. That is a cute design, Monique! I love anything ocean related but this girl stays on land. Ships and boats, well, we don’t agree. TITANIC, yep, that about sums it up for me. Wasn’t supposed to sink, right?

  2. The little mermaid is adorable, what a cute design. Have fun with your MIL’s visit and with getting everything done that you need to.

  3. Monique it’s gone on my wish list too. The saying says it all for me. Love the stitching mermaid! Never noticed the Stitch Ahoy Retreat until you pointed it out. LOL

  4. thanks for the comment on my blog, r u interested in trading the fabbie that i used on the easter blackwork for your trade patterns? i sent u an email a few days ago, regards,P

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