out for a drive

Since the temperature today was merely “hot” instead of “blistering” like it has been all week, we decided to take a little drive. And since I enjoy looking at scenery pictures on other people’s blogs, I thought I’d post a few of mine :)


Not far outside of Winfield proper, you run into country… lots of it. When you aren’t surrounded by corn, you see the rolling countryside pictured above. Closer to the river, you get to drive through this:


We also took the ferry and I’ll probably post those pics sometimes next week. Have a lovely weekend!!


5 thoughts on “out for a drive

  1. Monique it’s so pretty, similar to our landscape here at the foot of the Flint Hills. But the drive through the trees is my favorite! That must be gorgeous in the fall. Putting a request in for a fall foliage shot! : )

  2. sorry you were without internet service, sent 3 mails, looks like they didnt get there, if you would like as a trade whats left of the green fabric i used for easter blackwork in exchange for the BOAF pattern, plese let me know. regards..P

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