the squirrel, the fat quarters, and the ferry


I just spent 3 whole days without internet service and it was grueling. I wonder how many emails went missing… I didn’t have near my normal amount of spam and only a few personal emails! I did get quite a bit of stitching done, though. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish without email, message boards, or blogs to distract! I finished up a little squirrel block for exchange (shown above), 2 more bookmarks, and my 2008 calendar design–yay!

Last Saturday, I took my MIL to my favorite quilt shop and lucky us they were having a super sale… all FQs were $1 each! When we got home I took a pic of a few of them and started to put them away but left them out instead, thinking I’d do some sewing right away. That was Saturday and today is what? Thursday?! OK, I’m getting out the sewing machine today NO MATTER WHAT.


Here’s the ferry pic I promised last week. It’s really small and a bit charming, I think. This one is the Golden Eagle Ferry, which shuttles across the Mississippi river between MO and IL. I was thinking that maybe my daughter and I would hop the ferries some schooldays (lots of educational topics there– rivers, geography, lock & dam systems, transportation, occupations, etc.) but the ferry trip turned out to be a bit pricey for casual, repeat “hopping”. Better to condense the lessons and culminate with a field trip, I think.


8 thoughts on “the squirrel, the fat quarters, and the ferry

  1. lol .. amazing what gets done when there’s no internet .. but it’s not nearly has much fun .. I would miss all of you too much! glad you got lots of stitching done :)

    Can’t wait to see what you sew up with some of those beautiful fabrics!

  2. Last summer I took a barge trip with my father starting in St. Louis up to Peoria IL. I think we went past your ferry! The scenery was beautiful. I sat and stitched. Very relaxing.

  3. It would be fun to see what kind of sentences people would come up with if they had to incorporate your post title! ;)

    Sorry you were without internet, but glad that you made such excellent use of your time. That squirrel is adorable. And $1 fat quarters?! AMAZING!!

  4. What a bargain for the fq’s! Ive just signed up for a quilting class and im so excited!! Ive written all about it on my blog.
    Cute squirrel

  5. 3 days without internet! I would be climbing the walls!! Its awful how much I use it for – news, weather, gossip, work, the list goes on and on… fact how on earth did we survive before LOL?

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