baking day


I’m making Amish Friendship Bread today. Here’s a picture of the first 4 loaves (vanilla-cinnamon), and the next 4 loaves (chocolate) are in the oven. I have enough batter left to make 2 more loaves after they come out, but my stirring arm is getting weak! I think I’ll have to quit at 8 today.

This is the second time I’ve made this stuff; the first time I made just the 2 loaves. But instead of handing out all of the starters from that first batch, I kept 2 for myself… I was temptd for just a minute to keep out 4 starters from this batch, but that would yield 20 loaves and enough is enough.

4 thoughts on “baking day

  1. Would love to know your chocolate recipe. Did you know that the starter can be frozen and I bake up a large batch and freeze the loaves. also try baking mini loves great as a quick gift.

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