and the winner is…

First, thanks to everyone for all the nice comments! I really do appreciate them, especially since I live in the middle of nowhere and some days they are the only interaction with people who don’t already live with me that I get :)

I don’t know exactly who made the 1000th comment, but Terri announced that she did… and since she was raised by poodles, I’m inclined to believe her. WordPress only gives me a total comment count, and doesn’t indicate who made which number comment. Which is why the contest wasn’t based on *who* did it, just an old-fashioned drawing.

I wrote everyone’s name on a bit of paper, threw them into a little box, and pulled out a paper bit…. with SHARON’s name on it! Sharon if you would please let me know which chart you’d like (and your address) I’ll get it out to you asap.

I hope everyone else had as wonderful a long weekend as I did! I baked a bunch of bread, did some more sewing on my quilt, started stitching a mini PS design, spent a lot of time watching hummingbirds, and had a lovely time at a special BBQ/Birthday party for my dad. (btw: did you know that slash mark is called a virgule? Just learned that.) Now it’s time to get back to work; I have 3 covers to design today and hopefully my website admin will let me in so I can do some updating there. I better make more coffee.

7 thoughts on “and the winner is…

  1. I missed your contest but thought I’d still say congrats on your 1000 comments! What fun!! (And just for a little more fun, a slash mark can also be called a solidus or a slant.)

  2. Congratulations Sharon!

    I am pea-green with envy, but it was fun playing. I guess the new word for the day is a good consolation-virgule-second prize. :)

  3. Oh, your weekend sounds fun! Coincidentally, I’ve also been doing more baking than usual. Smells great here. :)

    Congratulations to Sharon! And once again, that was such a neat idea you had!

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