post number two hundred seventy nine


I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, so I took it easy today… finished up this little Prairie Schooler stitchling, designed chart covers for 3 new releases, and had a nap. Yawn. The exciting life of a designer :)

My daughter spent much of her day by the living room window, hoping that the UPS truck would come rolling up. We’ve got a batch of tadpoles on the way, and she can’t hardly stand the excitement! She’s been really into frogs for the past few months, and constantly has her nose in an amphibian book. I barely know one end of a frog from another but I guess it will be pretty neat to watch the tadpole transformation.

Gayle asked about my chocolate Amish Bread recipe… I just omit the cinnamon altogether and use chocolate pudding instead of the vanilla. And thank you for the freezing tip!

Several people have emailed to ask how hard it *really* was to make the zipper pouch. Honestly, it’s EASY, if you use the Lazy Girl patterns. Joan explains step by step how to do perfect zippers without measuring, fussing, or even changing the little foot on the sewing machine. Hmmm… that sounds a wee bit like an ad, but I assure you I was not paid for that testimony :)

Recently discovered: indiepublic–like My Space, but for crafters.


8 thoughts on “post number two hundred seventy nine

  1. Oh, sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I hope it’ll be very short-lived and that you’ll be bouncing around soon. :)

    So you can order tadpoles, or does your UPS delivery person run an interesting sideline business? ;) Sounds fun!

  2. I love it Monique :)
    Tadpoles! That is a great way to study amphibians! :)
    My daughter would be thrilled as well!

  3. Your PS is very cute. I enjoyed that freebie. Not sure where it is hiding right now. sigh.

    I need some stitching get-up-and-go. It seems to have just gone someplace else. Too much, too much happening & no routine for stitching I guess.

    Hope you are feeling better since this post

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