the triplets have arrived


Oh boy. We have 3 bouncing baby tadpoles on our kitchen table! They are so ugly that they’re kinda cute… they have teeny tiny back legs and their skin is transparent so you can see their hearts and veins and every other little part they have. Swimming guts is really what they are at this point. I’m looking forward to the actual froglet stage, I think. BTW, if you would like some for your own kitchen table, they can be ordered from Grow -A-Frog.

This cute little biodome thing was touted as “a complete system” to go from tadpole to frog, with nothing more to buy ever. But unless these are mini-frogs, they are going to need a new home. Assuming they live to actually become frogs, we will have to buy a tank for them. And then, what if they breed? Will we be overrun with frogs? What do people DO with these? Dissect them? Give them as Christmas gifts? Buy progressively larger tanks until you have a glass wall comparable to the ones found in fancy restaurants? Oh boy.


7 thoughts on “the triplets have arrived

  1. Wow! Cool dome! But the tadpoles look nothing like I expected! LOL Good luck with this project.

  2. Sign me up for a Christmas frog. :D

    Seriously, this is so cool! But indeed, if they frog-out in the wrong season (i.e. winter) I don’t know what you’d do with them other than hang on till spring. And I’d keep them seperated unless you do want lots of wee frogglets. Or you set up your own buy-a-tadpole business. LOL!

  3. What a cool idea!
    As to mating and new little tadpoles, this is from the growafrog site faq:
    “MATING – It is an unusual event for Growafrogs to mate and have eggs that develop into tadpoles, but it can happen. Of course, you’ll need a female and a male. Sometimes the females will lay eggs without a male, but, we’re sorry, they will never develop.

    If you are among the lucky ones who experience a successful mating, the first thing you should do is to remove the adults, or they will ( yikes !) eat the eggs !! Please send us an E-mail and we’ll be more than ‘hoppy’ to congratulate you and help you raise your eggs into tads and frogs. Of course, if you do not want to grow any tadpoles simply do ‘nothing’. Your adults will eat every egg and/or newly hatched larvae in a few hours or less.”

    So I don’t think you have to worry about a “wall o’ frogs!” Though it might be a cool architectural feature for the house! (grin)

  4. Ah, just when I was enjoying a nice cup of java and a cookie you start talking about swimming guts. Yum. And thanks. Still had to laugh though :o)

  5. A wall of frogs, wow! I’ve never even thought…a friend bought a hermit crab habitat for her daughter’s 3 toads. Man, you should see her daughter play with those things! She builds dirt huts, and everything.

    Still, rodents though they may be, I’d rather have a wall of dwarf hamsters. ;o)

    Why are the babies so ugly? I thought babies were supposed to be cute? LOL Maybe that’s why the adult frogs eat the eggs and tadpoles? (I’ve read Romilly’s comment now) B/c they don’t even have a face a mother could love? Oh, I’m awful. :D

  6. HI Monique
    dont think you will have babies, i think the eggs have to be deposited into mud/earth that dries up and then at right temp. after the rains come there are baby tadpoles again in small water masses, its a seasonal thing.. but then again, i could be wrong.. btwdid the mail man visit yet?

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