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My friend Jen, over at Funk & Weber Designs has come up with a plan for stitchers to support literacy. Stitchers will have opportunity to stitch a bookmark and turn it in to a participating needlework shop. The shop owners will then donate the finished bookmarks to a literacy campaign of their choice. Designers get to play along by donating money raised from sales of bookmark charts to their favorite literacy program. What a super way for stitchers everywhere to come together for a good cause! BTW, you may stitch *any* bookmark you like; it does not have to be marked for the SFL campaign.

This is a brand new program, and I suspect many shop owners aren’t quite aware of it yet. Please mention it to your LNS, and pass along Jen’s information… and maybe post on your blog or mention it on your favorite message board as well. This is a neat project and I’d love to see it really take off. Think how much good we could do, just by stitching a bookmark! (and they are fun to stitch anyway, aren’t they?) As I understand it, this is not going to be just a one-time thing, either.

For my part, I am releasing this chart of 3 bookmark designs and designating Book Trust as the organization I’d like to support. Book Trust works to set up accounts in schools so that children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to buy books can choose a book (or two) from the Scholastic catalog each month. Schools earn points every time they order from those Scholastic flyers, and the points can be used to get even more books for the school children. (Pretty clever set-up, if you ask me.)

We are a homeschooling family now, but my daughter was in public school for a time. I remember how fun it was for her to pick out books from each flyer, and how exciting it was when the new books were delivered to her classroom. And I also remember how sad it was that there were always several children who couldn’t afford to order anything. I worked the Scholastic fairs at the schools too, and remember the kids coming in with a dollar (or less!), hoping to buy a book. I don’t know how many times I “loaned” the children money to make up the difference so they could have a book… and it was such a beautiful thing, seeing kids hugging their new books and smiling. Good for the soul, as the saying goes.

Of course, you are welcome to purchase this design for personal use without participating in the bookmark donation portion of the project. (it will be available through your LNS, just lke other My Mark designs) The money raised from sales of this design will be donated to Book Trust no matter what happens to your finished stitching…it takes $63 to support one child for the school year so let’s see how many kids we can provide books for!


9 thoughts on “stitching for literacy

  1. Great bookmarks, Monique! And Book Trust looks like a fabulous program to support. I want to keep a record of what programs shops, designers, and stitchers are supporting. As a group, I think we can have an significant impact.

    Yes, I plan to make the Bookmark Challenge an annual event. Children’s Book Week is being moved from November to May in 2008, so almost as soon as the 2007 Challenge is over, we’ll be gearing up for 2008.

  2. I really like all three of your bookmarks. Very cute (and clever)! I’d never heard of Book Trust before I read about it here. It’s a great cause. Thanks for the info!

  3. They are lovely Monique – good luck raising money for such a worthy cause!

    As a librarian in my working life, I really like the one in the middle – very apt!

  4. How great to hear that they still have Scholastic flyers in school! They were absolutely a high point of my elementary school years. :D

    It’s great that designers, shop owners and stitchers are pulling together for such a fantastic cause – once you can read a book, the whole world is open to you!

  5. Fantastic cause, Monique, and I love the bookmarks. Both my girls have always enjoyed reading and on a trip to the stores they always have to look at a book shop or two and buy a book:)

  6. This is wonderful! I love your bookmark designs, and I love the whole setup of this worthy cause! Thanks for all the info.

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