two new designs, a flat tire, and fall?

Pictured: MM065 “a time for everything” and MM064 “a little love”

Here are two more new My Mark designs. They (along with the bookmarks I showed you yesterday) are on their way to the distributor… I’m sure they won’t make it in time for the new listings this Friday, but they should be up on the 21st. Yay!

I was supposed to go to a quilting class this afternoon, but my car apparantly didn’t want to go with me. I had a flat tire! Dh took it over to the tire shop in town and it turns out I had run over a big nail. This neighborhood is almost 4 years old now, and I thought I’d be out of danger by now… when we first moved here, there was always construction gunk all over the road and we both went through tires much faster than we should have. (yet another little tidbit about new home construction that no one warned us about) My tires are like new, so I hope the plug holds for a loooong time.

Despite the tire issue, I had a nice day. I swear it’s FALL, although my daughter assures me that Fall doesn’t begin until the 23rd because it’s on the calendar. There was a marvelous crisp to the air this morning though, and I had the windows open most of the day. I love, love having the windows open! Gimme a nice September breeze, a cup of NM Pinon coffee, something juicy to read, and a little cat purring next to me and I am in heaven!


11 thoughts on “two new designs, a flat tire, and fall?

  1. Very cool looking designs- congrats! Its Autumn here now too, I was celebrating and my husband was grumbling LOL!

  2. I love your “a little Love” design! its very cute! In response to you rallying with me against my “lost floss” thanks! It was explained to me that and I quote “you can buy threads at walmart and the prices change”…i tried to get him to at least give me 10 cents a skein..didnt work!! Ive added you to my list of reads! mel

  3. Love both your new designs Monique.

    There’s a coolness in the air in a morning here but as the days goes on it’s still getting too hot! I long for cooler days:)

  4. your new designs rock! It’s fall here too and I’m loving it! crisp and cool in the mornings, lovely sunny in the afternoons .. fall is just yummy :)

  5. Lovely designs!!! ahem … tell your daughter that Mother Nature doesn’t care about calendars. LOL We have had wonderful cool – bright sunny – days. And I’m all for less humidity in the air.

  6. Great designs! It has been just a tad drier here in Florida-not much but enough that you get that Fall is in the air feeling. Very pleasant.

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