art fair day

What a marvelous day! The weather was perfect, I was feeling fine, and there was an art fair on Main Street…my daughter was at Grandma’s house so I had the whole day to just meander and get lost in the beautiful things. I got busy looking and forgot to take many pictures, but here’s two of the general area:



This was the Mosaics Festival for the Arts, held in one of my favorite areas– St. Charles, Missouri. And of course, no visit to Old St. Charles would be complete without a pop-in at my LNS… picked up my JCS ornament issue and LHN’s “Curly-Q Ewe”.


6 thoughts on “art fair day

  1. Brace yourself…I blogged. Hard to believe, huh?

    Looks like a fun time at the art fair. What do you think of the ornament issue? I’m bringing mine to Rainbow. Maybe we can compare notes?

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