Halloween Blackwork, etc.

***Thanks much to those of you who left designer links in yesterday’s comments! I just discovered another designer blog this morning, too… Annie Beez Samplings. I love her cottage design and I’m looking forward to seeing what else she brings to the Needlework Show.

***It occurred to me that I hadn’t posted a picture of my finished Halloween Blackwork design. I’m guessing you’ve already seen it on the Hoffman listing, but here it is anyway:


***I’ve managed to just squeak in under a deadline and that project is now in the mail so I can breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, my website has decided to act up again and somehow has reverted itself back to an older edition… why does this always happen just before the online show?! Seriously, this will be my 6th time exhibiting during the show, and every single time my website has gone haywire. sigh.

***Last night I stitched up a cutesy pumpkin square. I was planning to glue google eyes onto the bat, but we didn’t have any small enough:


***I’ve been feeling so doomy & gloomy lately, which is incredibly out of character for me! I’m generally the one singing “high hopes” while polishing my rose-colored glasses… I sure hope I snap out of it soon.

:::The best way to forget all your troubles is to wear tight shoes:::


19 thoughts on “Halloween Blackwork, etc.

  1. That pumpkin square is really cute even without the google eyes. The dude’s really the one that has to review the gameboard design! He’s the chess player.

  2. Tight shoes? Ouch!!! I’ll send you a truckload of cheery thoughts instead, okay? :)

  3. I love the Halloween blackwork – it’s fabulous! Big hugs – hope you’re feeling more yourself soon. Please drop me a note if there is anything I can do for you!

  4. I ordered from Annie her design with the sheep…love it! Haven’t started it…but LIKE looking at it! LOL!
    Don’t be gloomy…although I’ve been that way too this week?! Ya think it’s something in the air? I hope not….
    Positive thought coming your way…wanna send some mine?

  5. OH, shoot! I have googly eyes that are small enough on my coffee table–a whole snack baggie full. And I’m not even using them. Oh, well.

  6. This small Pumpkin square is soooooo lovely!
    What designer is it from?
    It’s so cute and the above one is wounderful!!

  7. I love your design Monqiue! The pumpkin square is so cute too.
    Hope you feel better and more like yourself soon {hugs}

  8. Hi Monique,
    I found you through Anna Van Shurman’s blog. I loved your comment about how friendly St Louis is. I had a similiar experience when I moved to Iowa City, which I found very strange.

    I love your Halloween design. I’m very fond of fall designs, and this one is very different from the other ones I’ve stitched.
    Thanks, C in DC

  9. Monique love that pumpkin square!!!! Tell me it’s going to be available. I’m hungry for halloween charts this year!

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