a tray of chickens and a pile of trim

Today was city-wide garage sale day. I had sort of planned to put out some things for sale, but then I got gloomy for a few days and really just didn’t want to. And then I decided to just ignore the whole garage sale thing altogether. But as soon as my daughter saw that her little friend up the street was having a sale, she asked if we could go out for a walk-around. I tried to dissuade her with logic…we have our own junk, did she think we needed to buy some of the neighbor’s junk, too? She did, and went on to explain:

You never know what we could find… our very own treasure may be just around the next corner!

Of course we found a few typical garage sale things; the jigsaw puzzle (which the previous owner swears “probably has all the pieces”), the turkey duck (rubber duckie in a turkey suit?), and a cheesy surfing penguin souvenir (I’d like to see anyone pass that up for a quarter), but the real treasure of the day cost us just 10 cents:


As it turned out, I’m glad my daughter conned me into our little expedition because I found a treasure, too. Mine cost a dollar, and I have no idea yet what I’ll use all this beaded trim for, but I’m still glad I found it:


I began feeling much perkier yesterday, and although the gloom continues to pop in now and then (for just a minute), I think I am on the road back to my cheery disposition. I’ve even been laughing again:


Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and a wonderful Columbus Day!


12 thoughts on “a tray of chickens and a pile of trim

  1. Someone else’s junk is always so much fun, isn’t it? :) Love this picture of you!!

  2. What a lovely picture of you! I don’t think ive seen a picture of you before so now i know what you look like :)

  3. That was INDEED a find…a pile of trim for $1…wow wish I could’ve gone…I’d of fought you for it :) LOL!
    Keep smiling!

  4. You can’t resist the beautiful logic of a child! Love your photo and I am glad you are feeling a little better.

  5. Lovely to ‘see’ you!

    All those chicks for 10c?! Too cute! And the trim was a definite bargain!

    I LOVE garage sales (but they’re called boot sales here, lol)

  6. I love to garage sale, but haven’t yet. Its cooled down enough that I’d be interested in going to a few. I love your finds. I couldn’t have passed up these goodies either. I bet you could make some ornaments using that trim. But if not… I’d be happy taking it off your hands! :-)

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