zipper fobs on a tuesday

I have admitted before that I am addicted to zipper bags. But I don’t think I’ve shared the fact that I hate it when they are naked. Bare zipper pulls? yick. I’ve had a bunch that I’ve been meaning to “dress” for some time, and today (in the true spirit of avoiding deadlines– I should have been setting up my page for the online show!) I decided to create some dangly things for some of my mesh bags:



These are really pretty easy to make; the hardest part for me is finding the patience to twirl the wire around the jump ring properly. Since I had all of my beading stuff out, I figured I’d go ahead and make extra to fill grab bags for a Stitch-In I’ll be attending in a few weeks. Here’s what came of that:


I really hope the ladies who get my grab bags are happy with these… it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea to have dangles on their zipper bags or else we’d be seeing these all over like scissors fobs, eh? I guess these are zipper fobs :)


22 thoughts on “zipper fobs on a tuesday

  1. I love them! I also am addicted to zipper bags. How are you going to mark the grab bags so I get one…LOL!

  2. Sure hope that I am lucky enough to get one of your grab bags. I don’t like my bags to be naked either.

  3. I think they are fabulous. I don’t use the bags as my daughter’s male cat, Nikki, chews plastic. [it is most annoying] The zipper pulls are delightful & colourful. Who wouldn’t want one?????

    As for scissor fobs, I’m getting to the point where I have more fobs than pairs of scissors LOL

  4. The pulls are beautiful!! I just discovered the zipper bags and now Im totally hooked! I think i have one pair of scissors at home that actually has two fobs on it! :)

  5. I think they are lovely and if you ever need to unload one…just give me a line and I’ll send you my address ;)

  6. guess you found out we are all fob addicts and mesh bag crazy! lol .. your fobs are delightful! I’m sure the ladies at the stitchin will love them .. and if they don’t .. there’s plenty of us waiting in the wings *smile*

  7. what a cool idea! i have one, its full to overflowing with scraps of floss only, sometimes i can barely zip it up, i ought to hang my head in shame, the fob idea is awesome!

  8. I love those fobs very smart are you planning to sell those? I would be interested. Funny about podunk, that is word we use around here!!

  9. So pretty! I’ve been using a couple of keyrings (with photos of my kids in them) as zipper pulls on some of my mesh bags – I had an idea that I might put a miniature picture of the project stored within on some of them.

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