stashy goodness + the decorating doctor

Yeesh… This week just vanished! I had several deadlines to meet, and I met them. Big YAY for me. Now I can relax a wee bit. I got a few neat charts in the mail, too. These are my friend Marianne’s designs; Midnight Stitching “Heartstruck” and “Quaker Row”:


I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, too. We just got a new doctor in our little town here, and I almost wish I’d have taken my camera with me. His office is in an old church, and he had a beautiful vintage examining table. It had a rich cherry wood base and leather top… and the waiting room was done in a mission style with bright white molding and black straightback chairs. I don’t know how good of a doctor he is to wind up here in podunk-land, but he sure has good decorating sense. BTW, I had to have some blood drawn and the nurse commented that my veins were like thread. Pretty appropriate, eh?


13 thoughts on “stashy goodness + the decorating doctor

  1. Lovely new stash Monique:) I’ve got my eye on Quaker Row!

    Sounds like your new doctor as a lovely office. A lot less clinical than some!

  2. Well, at least a doctor’s visit is visually enjoyable. :)

    Congratulations on making your deadlines! And your new stash is really very lovely.

  3. Oh, I love Quaker Row! I had a very silly mental image of you taking pictures while the nurse tries to draw your blood :)

  4. Hello Monique,

    Thanks so very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It was lovely hearing from you, and a nice introduction to your own blog, which I’d not discovered before.

    I’ve done a quick trip through some of your more recent posts and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I love the “zipper fobs” that you’ve created for your mesh bags and I predict that you’re about to start a whole new trend in fobdom. Surely having such pretty danglies, which are a pleasure to look at as well as being quite practical, will catch the eye of all discerning crafters.

    Did you design those incredible blackwork designs??? Wow!! I’ve been eyeing those for quite awhile, although I haven’t done much blackwork yet in my stitching. I love the Halloween one especially.

    And the home schooling design (Homeschooling…balancing Love and Learning) would be perfect for me to stitch for my neighbour, who home schools her five kids. I’ll be looking out for that one in my next stash splurge.

    The photo of all those little chicks you and your DD found while making the rounds of the garage sales was fun. Would make a nice Easter card

    Again, thanks for visiting my blog Monique. I loved hearing from a designer who creates the designs that give us all such pleasure.
    You guys rock!!

    Peace. Judy

  5. Wonderful stash additions. Veins like threads? hmmm…. I just had my flu shot the other day — at the YMCA. It smelled like a locker room. : ) Yeah, well … what can I say?

  6. You could have a very good doctor in a podunk town. Some medical schools offer scholarships to doctors who will practice in rural areas. (You just may not have him forever.) Did they have to use a butterfly needle on you? My sister has delicate little veins too.

  7. Good question Anna! I need butterfly needles when they take blood too. LOL

    Glad to see the charts arrived and know that Starstruck will probably get worked on quickly for your patriotic wall! Enjoy Quaker Row, that is such a fun stitch.

  8. HI Monique
    not too worry too much, they say that about everybodiess veins, and everybodies veins cannot be like thread ;-)
    is the place you bought the Quaker Row from an online shop?

  9. Monique, I love the beads! You both did a great job with them. And yes, I can see YOU doing a sampler with them – lol. The doctor’s office sounds really cool – I hope you like him and that the results of your blood draw are perfect. Linda

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