the joy of rediscovery


Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday and one of her gifts was a gob of Perler bead things. Last night we put on her new High School Musical Soundtrack, sat down at the kitchen table and got busy beading. Here’s a pic of two things we made… I’m betting you can tell which one is mine ;)

Man, I used to love Perler beads when I was young. Perhaps a precursor to my grown up stitching fetish? The Perler patterns are similar to counted cross stitch patterns, only you place a bead instead of a stitch. The pegboards were all small in the early 70’s, but now they have larger boards that are connectable for making even bigger things. (I can totally see myself doing a sampler in beads.) Of course I had to research modern day Perler bead crafts, and found this Flickr photoset, the current issue of Adorn Magazine (which features a Perler project on the cover), and some things for sale on Etsy.

Also pictured is my start on LK’s Blessings of Christmas. I had planned to do all twelve on metallic Lugana (Mushroom & Gold) but I couldn’t see to stitch very well. The gold thread causes a sparkly reflection and covers the holes of the fabric. I’ve decided to quit before I invest any more time into this project because stitching is supposed to be fun, right? I think I’ll start over on regular Lugana instead. Or maybe just do them in Perler beads.

12 thoughts on “the joy of rediscovery

  1. The daisy right? ROFL Love your stick person holding the bouquet! I know that one is definitely your’s! LOL

    Gosh haven’t seen those beads in ages! Hope she had a fun b’day!!

  2. These Perler Beads are definitely something that can only be found in your part of the world. I’ve never seen them before, but I can imagine the fun!

  3. Max really enjoys these bead things … I honestly had never noticed the similarity to stitching (duh!). I’d held off on buying any for the younger kids because of the mess-factor, but … Hmmm. You’ve caused me to reconsider!

  4. I loved those perler bead thingies when I was a kid! Ah, Memories. I think we might still have one of my original coasters somewhere about the house.

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